How is Federation supporting Israel?

SINCE OCTOBER 7, 2023, Israel has faced national trauma and unprecedented needs as a result of a prolonged war, terror and hundreds of thousands of displaced families. Miami has a deep and abiding connection to Israel. The welfare of our Jewish homeland and its people are ever- present in our minds. Each year, millions of dollars are allocated by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation to programs and services that assist vulnerable populations by:

Providing immediate and long-term financial and psychological support to those affected by acts of terror through the Fund for Victims of Terror and numerous organizations

Supporting the nutritional needs of Israelis by funding nonprofits that harvest unpicked crops from fields, provide hot meals and broadly distribute food baskets and supermarket gift cards

Educating, training and empowering children and adults with disabilities through a number of nonprofits so they can achieve their fullest potential

Offering affordable housing and a sense of community to 7,500 frail elderly Israelis — many of them Holocaust Survivors — who would otherwise have no place to call home

Welcoming and settling thousands of new olim (immigrants) making aliyah from across the globe, many of whom are fleeing rising antisemitism, political turmoil, war or adverse economic conditions in their home countries

Partnering teen mentors with at-risk children through the Youth Futures program to give the younger participants the tools they need to navigate personal, familial, social and educational challenges and to celebrate achievements

Working one-on-one with women through Israeli nonprofits (amutot) in the areas of economic and societal empowerment, integration and equality, protection against and prevention of violence and leadership development

Advocating for Israel and speaking out against anti-Israel rhetoric locally, nationally and internationally through rallies, government relations, lobbying, op-ed pieces, interfaith dialogue and educational programming

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